Terms and Conditions for International Invention and Innovation Contest „Prix Eiffel” Online

  1. The International Jury of the Contest make evaluation of submitted project (inventions and innovations) based on:
    • Information on the invention/ innovation included in the online invention description form for the jury, with potential attachments (videos, presentations, etc.) by the Contest’s Participants, around 25 days before the results announcement to Jury members.
    • online interview with the Contest’s Participants.
  2. The Event’s Coordinator appoints the Presidium members of the International Jury including the President of the Jury and Vice-Presidents as well as indicates other members of the Jury.
  3. All submitted invention’s information are reviewed by the Jury members with the participation of the President and Vice-Presidents.
  4. The assessment of the inventions/innovations based on the completed information included in the online invention description form for the jury will take place two weeks in advance to the result’s announcement.
  5. Based on the written information about the inventions/innovations (submitted by the Contest’s participants) contained in the online invention description form and potential attachments (videos, presentations, etc.) Jury members make an initial evaluation of the assigned solutions by filling in the Evaluation Sheet.
  6. Members of the Jury are requested to send the Evaluation sheets – 2 weeks before results announcement to the indicted email addresses of the Coordinator
  7. The coordinator collects the Evaluation Sheets including scores for individual inventions/innovations, sums them up, and determines the average rating for a given solution and passes the evaluation results to the Presidium of the Jury. This is the basis for awarding gold, silver and bronze medals and for selecting candidates for the highest prizes.
  8. The Presidium of the jury will review the written information on the inventions/innovations. Before the results announcement they have an opportunity to interview the Contest’s Participants identified by the jury members as candidates for the highest prizes.
  9. Based on the points obtained, the Presidium of the jury will select the solutions to be awarded with the main prizes: Grand Prix and platinum medals as well as will assign any potential special prizes.
  10. The Statutory Prizes (the gold, silver and bronze medals) will be assigned according to the scores received from each juror. In case of an equal number of points assigned or a discrepancy in the scores, the Presidium will decide on the type of the award.
  11.  For the main award: Grand Prix can candidate solutions which, as a result of the assessment, obtained the number of points qualifying them for a platinum medal.
  12. The following evaluation criteria are as follows: innovativeness, advancement, demand, possibilities and range of implementation and commercialization in the country and abroad, economic and social effects, scope and range of protection.
  13. Scoring (amount of points possible to obtain: max 150 points):
    • 150-135 – platinum
    • 134-100 – gold
    • 99-70 – silver
    • 69-40 – bronze
    • < 40 – participation diploma
    The amount of obtained points is the base for awarding the medal/award.
    The President of the jury has the right to apply reasonable corrections in this regard.
  14. Awards are as follows:
    • Main Prize – Grand Prix;
    • Platinum medals
    • Special prizes
    • Medals: gold, silver and bronze medals
  15. Sections:
    • Environment/ Ecology/ Sustainable development
    • Biotechnology/ Nanotechnology/ Chemistry
    • Industry (Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Engineering, Metallurgy, Electricity and Electronics, Power Engineering, Textile Industry, Food Industry, Construction)
    • Transport and logistics (Automotive, Aerospace and Marine, Packaging, Storage, etc.)
    • Information Technology (IT)
    • Health and medicine; Healthy food
    • Social Care, Social Work, Social Services
    • Safety and Security
    • Social innovation
    • Sports, rehabilitation, recreation, physical education, tourism, fitness
    • Education and pedagogy
    • Everyday items (Jewellery, Decoration/Design, Games/Toys, Home & Garden)
    • New business and organizational models
    • Young Inventors
  16. Confidentiality clause
    The members of the PRIX EIFFEL jury undertake:
    • keep confidential the information concerning the rules and the process of the Jury’s work, especially the procedure of evaluation;
    • not disclose any information obtained in connection with the evaluation of solutions in terms, of the Contest and not store the information received about these solutions on electronic media and in the form of printouts,
    • to follow rules of the confidentiality clause, any information and facts, regardless of their form or  manner of recording or availability. All information and facts obtained in this way, concerning production, business or technical information, shall constitute confidential information. I undertake to use them solely for evaluation during PRIX EIFFEL without transferring them to third parties
  17. The participant of the contest declares that:
    • he has read the Regulations for participation in the Contest, contained at and accepts its terms
    • all the data and information provided by him, contained in this form are true and do not infringe the rights of third parties. I understand that the Coordinator – Eurobusiness-Haller is not responsible for the content, contained in the form
    • he agrees to the processing of personal data, provided in the form to the extent necessary to ensure participation in PRIX EIFFEL
    • consent to the processing of personal data contained in the application forms for the purposes of the competition and its promotion in the media within the scope specified in the Competition Regulations (in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data, Journal of Laws 97 133, item)

    The Administrator of the personal data contained in the form is “Eurobusiness-Haller” Maria Barbara Haller De Hallenburg-Illg, street Obroki 133, 40-833 Katowice, Poland.  The contact with Administrator under email address: Detailed information, concerning the rules for processing the personal data used by the Administrator can be found in the Regulations for the participation in Contest.